Ultimate Benefits of DDoS Protected VPS Hosting


A Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) makes a computer resource, either unavailable or with sufficiently crippled user accessibility. There are many ways to launch such attacks and these attacks usually make a website or service non-functional or cause sufficient downtime for a limited time or permanently.

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Four primary types of DDoS attacks:

  • SYN flood


  • Connection flood


  • UDP flood


  • HTTP flood

DDoS attacks are spreading very quickly now, then, it is a lot more feasible to rent the services of companies whose core competence is the development and provision of DDoS protection. Presently, most of the internet hosting services has deployed DDoS protection to prevent the servers from any case of DDoS attacks such as BlueAngelHost which is the foremost supplier of DDoS protected offshore hosting. It also provides DMCA Ignored Hosting in countries like Bulgaria, Russia and Netherlands along with other services like DDoS protected VPS hosting, reseller hosting, cheap VPS hosting, Windows VPS hosting, Bulgaria Dedicated Server, Russia Dedicated Server and Email servers.


Features of DDoS protected VPS Hosting servers

  • DMCA Ignored VPS hosting


  • Linux VPS on KVM Virtualization


  • DDoS Protection Available


  • 9% Uptime & committed 24x7 technical support


  • 7 days money back guarantee to ensure risk-free trials.

BlueAngelHost provides DDoS protected VPS hosting services with different KVM virtualization in which some are suitable for personal use, some for business use and some for personal as well as business use. KVMs have CPU of 1, 2, 3 or 4 cores and RAM ranges from 512 MB to 6 GB and disk space starting from 20 GB to 120 GB and bandwidth ranging from 2 TB to 8 TB and also a port of 1 Gbps. Their VPS servers are speedy with high performance and come at a very reasonable price. 

Features of VPS host servers

  • 1 Gbps Network


  • Full Root Access


  • SolusVM VPS Panel


  • Scalable Virtual Hosting


  • No minimum contract period


  • Free image installer

VPS plans come with features like SolusVM VPS which is Virtual Private Server’s control panel that provides a user-friendly interface and tools that can be handled easily.



DDoS protected VPS hosting also has features like they strictly do not allow sending of unwanted email, bulk mailing or spam. Even child porn, hacking activities, brute force software, carding website or carding forums & Bank Fraud Sites are not allowed.